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Presentations by students
Many thanks for the great interest and the numerous abstracts for presentations that were given in by the students. Unfortunately we could take in consideration only a limited number, mainly by reason of time. Therefore we had to make a selection. The following table shows the presentation program.

Presentations on Thursday, 16th of April 2009:

09:00Noise reduction in airborne Laser Scanning signal, based on discrete wavelet transformKrzysztof SosnicaWroclaw Univ. of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland
09:20Comparison of methodologies for building detection combining spectral and Lidar informationTxomin Hermosilla GómezUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
09:40Single tree detection based on Airborne LIDAR (ALS) dataKrzysztof SterenczakWarsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
10:00Coffee break
10:30Laser scanning of archaeological artifactsIva Malaric
Mateo Gasparovic
University of Zagreb, Croatia
10:50Functioning analysis of reference station in Hornsund and its possibilities of usage in geodynamic research of SpitsbergenMaciej PasnikowskiWarsaw University of Technology, Poland
11:10Concept of Spatial Information System for Pieniny geodynamic polygonPiotr SzynalWarsaw University of Technology, Poland
11:30Synergistic transformation of landscape in Msciwojów on the basis of manor house and its surroundingsBarbara Czesak
Katarzyna Chodon
Monika Giemzik
Agricultural University of Cracow, Poland

> Overview as PDF (with abstracts): abstracts_students.pdf

Presentations by external contributors
Besides the student presentations the following very interesting lectures were held by external speakers:

Presentations on Wednesday, 15th of April 2009:
09:00Opening Ceremony

musically accompanied by Willis Wyberkapelle
Prof. Dr. Heidi Wunderli-Allenspach
Felix Rohrbach
and others
Rector of ETH Zurich

President IGSO Switzerland
10:00Coffee break
10:30Highlights of the history of geodesy in Switzerland 15th-19th Century [1497 - 1903]Dr. phil. des.
Martin Rickenbacher
Federal Office of Topography
11:00Highlights of geodesy in Switzerland todayProf. Dr. Alain GeigerGeodesy & Geodynamics Lab
ETH Zurich

> Overview as PDF (with abstracts): abstracts_wednesday.pdf

Presentations on Saturday, 18th of April 2009:
08:30The project AlpTransit (Gotthard Base Tunnel) and its relevant surveying tasksDaniela FaslerAlpTransit Gotthard Ltd.
09:00Permanent Geomonitoring with a multisensor system for a very large construction siteMarkus BrunTerra International Surveys Ltd.
09:30Geodesy for Air Navigation: Operations in a safety related environmentDr. Marc TrollerSkyguide; Swiss Air Navigation Services Ltd.
10:00Coffee break
10:30Introduction of the ISPRS Student Consortium
(presented at the General Assembly)
Ahmet Sengül
Krzysztof Sterenczak
ISPRS Student Consortium

> Overview as PDF (with abstracts): abstracts_saturday.pdf

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