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On Thursday, April 16 the students had the possibility to choose among different excursions.

Detailed descriptions:

This excursion is held in German. Current spatial shortages lead the Swiss Federal Railways to the construction of a tunnel beneath the city of Zurich. This construction is a huge project with a lot of geodetic involvement. On this excursion a general overview in the project is given and a visit to the construction site with an emphasis on geodetic works is planned.

Orell Füssli Cartography
You visit one of the leading cartographic companies in Europe, which offers a broad range of cartographic and GIS services and applies modern digital methods. Products include city and town maps, road maps, a variety of school maps, atlas maps (including the Swiss World Atlas), geological and hydrogeological maps, soil maps, linguistic atlases, hiking maps and a variety of products for commercial advertisement. On this excursion Orell Füssli Cartography will give a short overview of the company and show specific publishing methods.

This excursion is held in German. GeoZ is the public surveying office of Zurich City and is responsible for all cadastral surveying work in the city and guarantees the availability of the data of cadastral surveying for geoinformation systems. They also survey bridges, building sites, pipelines and more. On this excursion an overview of the tasks and current projects is given.

Lake cruise
You will take a lake cruise crossing half of Lake Zurich. Relax and enjoy the wonderful view of the waterside.

The hill, 873 meters high, offers a panoramic view over the city  and the Lake Zurich. The excursion includes a two hour walk along the planet trail, where the dimensions of the solar system are demonstrated in the scale 10–9.

Science City
The name stands for the vision of a university campus and a “Stadtquartier für Denkkultur” (city quarter for thinking culture). The objective is to transform the ETH Hönggerberg site into a place with greater quality of life through a variety of measures. Science City is also a platform that will make it possible for the ETH Zurich to realize many of its future projects that are based on the pioneering and symbolic development of future living and cognitive space. This excursion includes a walk around the current campus and an overview of the planned projects.

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