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ETH Zürich

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich is a scientific and technical university with an outstanding research record.

With 360 professors in 16 departments ETH teaches and carries out research that is highly valued worldwide. This can be shown with several top positions in international rankings.

At ETH there are over 18000 people from 80 nations studying, working and reasearching.

ETH Zürich was founded in 1855 as Federal Polytechnical School. In the past 150 years 21 Nobel Laureates are connected with ETH.

ETH Zürich has alliances with several top universities around the globe. The IDEA League is a strategic alliance between the Imperial College London, TU Delft, ETH Zürich, RWTH Aachen and ParisTech. ETH is also a part of IARU, the International Alliance of Research Universities, which is a global alliance of ten internationally renowned and research intensive universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Yale and the University of Tokyo.

Next to the ERASMUS program ETH has bilateral agreements with other international institutions with numerous universities for research and teaching collaboration. List of bilateral Agreements

There are 23 different Bachelor programs and an even more Master- and MAS in higher and Secondary Education programs.

Research doctorate programs represent an essential component of the scientific work at ETH. Doctoral students find state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories and an innovative and inspiring atmosphere. Half of the 2900 doctoral students are foreigners.

ETH Hönggerberg



 Logo Zurich City (source: Wikipedia)
Zurich, the little big city, is with 370000 inhabitants the biggest city in Switzerland.  It is not the capital city, but the main commercial and cultural centre of the country.

Zurich is a multicultural city with a very high standard of living. Numerous international companies and organizations have discovered the advantages of Zurich. Google for example, has its European research center in Zurich and the head office of the Fifa is located here.

Although Zurich is relatively small, the city has to offer something for everyone. The lake and the old town invite to take a walk, there are many exquisite restaurants and bars and for interested people in culture and art there are numerous museums and theaters.  The beautiful Swiss Alps are close by the city. In only one hour train or car ride you are surrounded by the impressive mountains. Also the night life of Zurich is famous. Whether rock music or techno, there is a club for every taste of music, where you can dance all night long. The Limmat, the river which flows through Zurich and the lake of Zurich are great to chill out on hot summer days and they give the city a touch of a Mediterranean town.

Zurich (source: bastiengirod.ch)



 Swiss Flag (source: robertamsterdam.com)
Watches, chocolate, cheese, the Alps and surveying, these are characteristics which Switzerland is famous for. More than 7.5 million people live in an area of 41’285 square kilometres located in the heart of Europe. 25’170 square kilometres of Switzerland are covered by the massive mountains of the Alps. Therefore little space is left for the 7.5 million citizens which need to survey their small area very precisely.

Switzerland is divided into 26 autonomous cantons which together build the Swiss Federation. Berne is the capital city and Zurich is the biggest city of Switzerland.

Swiss neutrality which was acknowledged in 1815 led Switzerland to become a linguistically, culturally and confessionally mixed country. Therefore German, French, Italian and Retoromansh are official national languages. Cultural impacts of the adjacent countries Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein and Austria are also noticeable in Swiss everyday life, such as food, sports and lifestyle.

More information about Switzerland

The Cantons of Switzerland (source: swisstopo.ch)

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